Case Study

Phoenix Children’s Hospital





How to provide every child a modern, personalized, entertainment and communication experience without impeding nurse efficiency, IT staff, budget and resources.


A GroundControl/VMware iPad solution for patients, families, and nurses.


  • Personalized iPads improve patient and family engagement and morale.
  • Hospital can add any app to iPads, assured GroundControl will remove personal data before device is used again.
  • Zero-effort provisioning system for nursing staff.
  • Cost reduced by 90% compared to off-the-shelf solution.

Phoenix Children’s Hospital Helps Patients Heal with Modern, Personalized, and Secure Digital Experiences

Phoenix Children’s Hospital (PCH) understood cable TV could not provide today’s youth with the digital experiences they expect. It wanted to give every child their own personalized iPad for language, age and family preferences. Instead of paying millions of dollars a year for an off-the-shelf patient-engagement solution, PCH leveraged GroundControl’s patented shared-device software technology in conjunction with AirWatch, VMware’s platform for mobile device management, to automatically provision, manage, and wipe iOS devices. The results? More smiling children’s faces and a more mobile, productive nursing staff at 90% less cost.

“Having a zero-touch iPad solution was an absolute requirement with our daily patient turnover rate of approximately 25 percent.”

David Higginson, COO, Phoenix Children’s Hospital

PCH wanted to use iOS devices to improve patient engagement, nursing mobility and support “consumerization” of hospital IT, allowing patients and their families to view medical records, educational videos and understand children’s diagnoses, prognoses, and treatment options using familiar tablet devices. With deep API links between GroundControl and AirWatch, PCH benefits from a fully integrated solution without a device management burden on IT.

“We haven’t lost a single device.”

David Higginson

Giving every child their own personalized iPad transformed the patient experience at PCH. Children access social media, games, videos, and music for personal entertainment, as if the tablet were their very own. Nurses are more productive, with the ability to look up clinical information at the bedside instead of leaving the patient’s room to find a computer.

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