Healthy iOS at Scale

[GC]-healthcare-icon-4GroundControl is Healthcare’s most effective way to scale iOS devices across your healthcare network. Now you can deploy iPads, iPhones and iPods efficiently to all hospital Staff , Nurses and Patients while maintaining confidentiality of Personal Health Information (PHI) as required by HIPAA.

GroundControl is efficient, simple, fast & compliant

Use GroundControl to instantly reset and wipe clean iOS devices, using existing Mac or Windows PCs, all managed centrally by your mobility team.

Enables large-scale iOS Patient Engagement, Safety and Care Initiatives

With GroundControl, any staff member can restore an iOS device to its designated configuration automatically—simply plug it into a Mac or PC.

  • GroundControl enables previously challenging patient engagement and staff healthcare initiatives
  • No more day-to-day IT staff interaction for iOS devices
  • No screen touch—devices are ready for use in 2 minutes or less

    Enables complete wipe of PHI from the device — programmatically

    Deploy, supervise, and update on-site in 2 minutes or less, and as often as required

    The right workflows and profiles are pushed to the right devices — automatically

    Runs on Mac or Windows and works with any MDM

    Non-technical — simply plug in a device and it’s quickly up, running and compliant

    Fully encrypted, multiple roles, and integrates with SSO

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