Whether you need to reach around the world, or around your campus, GroundControl PRO provides the tools for your technicians to be consistent, quick, and precise.

Large hospitals and corporations need a mobile management solution that’s ready for scale. GroundControl PRO is built to meet that challenge. Our customers include 7 of the top 20 U.S. hospitals and 3 of the 20 largest global corporations. Our patented cloud/local hybrid architecture scales to thousands of endpoints and hundreds of thousands of mobile devices.

Unlimited Scale

Use GroundControl for every size organization, with no limits on the number of users, sites, or workflows. Create multiple child organizations to delegate administration to divisions or buildings.

Smart Hub Support

Deeply integrate with select enterprise-class USB docks and cabinets. GroundControl can toggle LEDs, which greatly simplify user interaction: Yellow=Busy, Green=Good.

Custom Attributes

Add metadata to devices and sites, to record campus, unit, username, timezone, … whatever you can imagine. You can then use these values to select the right image, or personalize images by customizing device names, wallpaper text, or MDM users & groups.

External Integration

Set up GroundControl PRO to integrate with external system, with deployment webhooks and a GroundControl API. With integration, you may push device MAC addresses to your WiFi controllers, look up patient information from your EMR, or trigger actions on tethered devices.

Self Healing

If the device is acting up, the user simply taps a “Heal Me!” button on your phone. On the next connection to the charging station, GroundControl takes over, re-provisioning the device as new. Self Healing means your institution requires fewer staff and fewer spare iPhones — instant ROI on GroundControl.

Single Sign-On

Simplify user management my offloading authentication to your existing system. GroundControl works with any SAML 2.0 identity provider.


In this era it is critical to keep a searchable, unchangeable history of all console activity. Export your device inventory, or your deployment activity log, or even a history of all user console actions.

Training & Integration Services

Our support engineers are experienced in a half dozen MDM systems, and dozens of real-world integrations. Let us help your team implement using best practices, the first time around.

Near drop-of-the-hat availability from the GroundControl team to help me with any issues using the software has been invaluable.Geoff Repoli, Jefferson Health
Easy setup and usability. Very customizable. Absolutely excellent product.Matt Barry, University of Iowa Health Care

Supervision and/or DEP Acceleration
Update iOS with optional Delay
Set Wallpaper, Icon arrangement, WiFi profiles, Cryptographic Erase, Restore from Backup, Timezone, Language & Locale
Native API support for MDMs: AirWatch, MobileIron, MaaS360, and XenMobile
Cache and Install In-House Apps
Workflows, Launchpads, and UsersUp to 20 of eachUnlimited
Define and Set Custom Device and Launchpad AttributesMax 2Unlimited
Device Self Healing
Check In & OutAvailable*
Hardware Integration with Smart USB Hubs
Device Export, Activity Export, and User Audit Logging
Workflow Webhooks and GroundControl API
Multi-tiered Organizations
Single Sign-On with SAML 2.0
Slack private channel for rapid support
Hosting OptionsHigh-Availability Shared Cloud(a) High-Availability Shared Cloud
(b) Private Managed Cloud*
(c) On Premises*
Pricing ModelDevice License Subscription
(Minimum 100 devices)
Device License Subscription
plus Annual Fee
*Additional fees apply