GroundControl can set and automate many aspects of iOS devices and other mobile systems. We are continually adding to this list with every release, too. The list below is current as of GroundControl 4.2

iPhones, iPads, and iPods

We support a long list of iOS device restrictions. Many of these overlap with restrictions available in MDM:

  • Disable Apple ID & Account Changes
  • Disable Unapproved WiFi Networks (10.3+)
  • Disable Erase All Content and Settings
  • Disable changes to Device Name
  • Disable changes to Passcode
  • Disable changes to Wallpaper
  • Disable changes to Restrictions
  • Disable manual App Installation (Allow for MDM)
  • Disable manual config profile installs
  • Disable manual changes to App trust
  • Disable changes to Notifications
  • Disable changes to Bluetooth
  • Disable Touch ID
  • Disable In-app Purchasing
  • Disable App Removal
  • Disable AirDrop
  • Disable Siri
  • Disable Camera
  • Disable Messages
  • Disable iCloud Backup
  • Disable Control Center in Lock Screen
  • Disable Notifications View in Lock Screen
  • Disable Today View in Lock Screen
  • Disable Passbook in Lock Screen
  • Disable Safari Auto-fill
  • Disable Screenshots
VMware AirWatch

GroundControl uses the AirWatch API to manage the AirWatch management console for devices.

  • Enroll into AirWatch (DEP and non-DEP)
  • Delete device from AirWatch prior to enrollment
  • Enroll as a preset or variable user
  • Set device organization group to a preset or variable value
  • Set device tags to a preset or variable value
  • Delete (migrate) from another AirWatch server
MobileIron Core

GroundControl uses the MobileIron Core API to manage the MobileIron management console for devices.

  • Enroll into MobileIron Core (DEP and non-DEP)
  • Retire device prior to enrollment
  • Enroll as a preset or variable user
  • Set device labels
  • Convert unmanaged apps to managed
  • Retire (migrate) from another MobileIron server
MobileIron Cloud

GroundControl uses the MobileIron Cloud API to manage the Cloud management console for devices.

  • Enroll into MobileIron Cloud (DEP and non-DEP)
  • Retire device prior to enrollment
  • Enroll as a preset or variable user
  • Retire (migrate) from another MobileIron server
IBM MaaS360

GroundControl uses the MaaS360 API to manage the MaaS360 management console for devices.

  • Enroll into MaaS360 (DEP and non-DEP)
  • Delete device prior to enrollment
  • Assign device to a preset or variable user
  • Delete (migrate) from another MaaS360 server
Citrix XenMobile

GroundControl uses the XenMobile API to manage the XenMobile management console for devices.

  • Enroll into XenMobile (DEP only)
  • Delete device prior to enrollment
  • Delete (migrate) from another XenMobile server
Other MDM Servers

Enrollment via DEP or non-DEP is possible with most other MDM systems as well. However these are unsupported. From time to time we will add to the list of supported MDMs based on customer demand.

Cambrionix & Datamation Charge/Sync Hubs

We integrate with specific USB charge/sync smart hubs based on Cambrionix electronics, including the U16S, U8S, Thundersync, and UniDock.

  • Report USB port number
  • Report device charging current
  • Set LED status, if present
External Systems

GroundControl uses a very powerful “webhook” system to communicate with external systems. At the beginning or end of deployments, our server can notify those systems with an HTTP call. The call can include custom device and workflow data, including device serial number, name, UDID, location, etc.