Windows Launchpad Status Update

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We are happy to report huge progress with the soon-to-arrive Win32 Launchpad. Our rewritten cross-platform code is not only performing quite well on Mac, it is running and stable on Windows, communicating with both devices and the server. There is still more to be done internally before we release in public beta, but we are still on schedule to hit … Read More

Announcing GroundControl 1.9

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We’ve been busy little beavers. In the three weeks since our last release, our dev team has added a trove of new features: New MDM setup in Settings, simplifying MDM setup AirWatch APIs — “auto-delete device” and set organization group MobileIron APIs — auto-retire device and assign labels Launchpad custom fields for increased automation “Tokens” widget on many payload fields Team member roles, “admin”, “user” and … Read More

Announcing GroundControl 1.8

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Better data, better visibility While our Launchpad devs have been hard at work on the Windows port (more on that below), we’ve been continuing to roll out improvements to the GroundControl admin console. At the top of the list (and screen) is a new tab bar. We’ve renamed “History” to “Activity,” to more accurately reflect how you are using the feature. Seems … Read More

Maximizing your Protection from iOS Vulnerabilities

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Techniques to rapidly patch fleets of iPhones and iPads Is iOS 10 secure? Without doubt. Vulnerabilities are discovered, and Apple diligently releases patches. In the year since they released iOS 10, Apple documented a whopping 307 security vulnerabilities patched by its software updates. This isn’t to say that iOS is insecure. On the contrary, Apple’s attentiveness and quick responses make iOS … Read More

Announcing GroundControl 1.7.1

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This morning we upgraded our servers to GroundControl 1.7.1. The release almost exclusively contains rather dull server-side bug fixes and improvements. But there is also one Launchpad update…see below for the details. Improvements You’ll have a much easier time uploading a CSV list of devices. We now identify columns by the title in the first row of the file. All files … Read More

Quickly deliver critical security updates to your entire fleet

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update_ios__gc 2

Introducing iOS Updates Today GroundControl introduces a new and very powerful feature: We can now update the iOS firmware on your devices. Updates are cached, delivered as quickly as possible to your devices, and do not burden your WiFi network. Deliver critical Apple security updates to your entire fleet within 24 hours or less, without shipping to your depot. Like … Read More

Announcing GroundControl Server 1.6.6

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We have released two small but potent features. No Launchpad update is needed, these are server changes only. And that’s pretty darn convenient as our Launchpad developers are hard at work on some BIG new things, coming in the next few weeks. Custom device fields, just about everywhere. We’ve added support for custom device fields throughout the system. And since GroundControl is being used in … Read More

How does GroundControl compare with Apple Configurator?

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FEATURE GroundControl Configurator Supervise iPad, iPhone, iPod touch Enroll into MDM Install WiFi and configurations Restore backups Centralized management anywhere Real-time policy-driven deployments Unlimited deployment stations Unlimited saved configurations Not tied to any specific Mac Works the same on DEP and non-DEP devices Powerful rules to set device name Redeploy in the field Set language and locale without re-imaging Supervise … Read More

Happy New Year from GroundControl (and how we created this fun little video)

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GroundControl Happy New Year

With a single plug of the USB cable, the iPhones spell out “HAPPY NEW YEAR.” This may look easy…but trust us, it’s not. Behind the curtain we are restoring 9 unique images to 16 devices at once. There’s no other tool in the world that can do that. And once we set it up, we were able to repeat it … Read More

Server and Launchpad 1.6.1

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Improvements Substantial improvements in processing stability and efficiency Detect and alert on bad WiFi More informative and instructive error messaging Multiple WiFi networks with same SSID are now supported Deployment duration is now displayed on deployment details Default policy display improvements Bug Fixes Restores from backups made on supervised devices are now supported Auto-fill WiFi name works correctly