Announcing GroundControl 3.3.1

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Today we released GroundControl 3.3.1, which fixes a few bugs and improves performance. Here’s a list of what changed:

  • We improved the way we identify iOS versions eligible for updates.
  • The Launchpad didn’t like waking up from sleep (kinda like my son). It is better now, and more changes are planned for 3.4.
  • We fixed some confusing behavior when working with child organizations in different tabs.
  • Fixed the “Quit” button in a dialog, which had quit quitting.
  • We don’t support encrypted backups, but we weren’t telling you that.
  • Better error reporting with app installation.
  • Significantly improved performance when updating iOS on devices for long stretches of time. (Thanks, Tony & Matthew!)
  • Automatic tuning if you have enabled the Smart Hub features and we see you have a Thundersync hub.
  • New Windows 7 installs needed a Microsoft patch; we now help you find it.
  • For those of us who don’t think in hexadecimal, the wallpaper text color selector shows “black” and “white”.
  • iOS updates no longer show the device UDID in the serial number column.
  • iOS updates no longer show the serial number in the name column.
  • On Mac, our utility to report crashes wasn’t reporting.
  • The input for MobileIron Core’s API now assumes “https” if you forget that part.
  • A new Launchpad action allows you to restart the Launchpad app from the web console.
  • We once again allow you to set icon position on DEP devices even without uploading the supervision identity.